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PSEO使符合条件的明尼苏达州高中二年级学生, 初中, 和老年人在公共场合, 非公开, or home schools to take 大学 classes for high school and/or 大学 credit in order to promote rigorous academic pursuits and provide a wider variety of course options.

Students may attend part-time (11 or fewer credit hours) or full-time (12+ credit hours) during the fall and/or spring semesters. 学费、杂费和所需的课本和材料都是免费的.

申请截止日期 5月31日 11月30日
新 & 转学生班级注册开始

需要考虑的事项 & 金沙贵宾会线路中心pso的优势

  • 节省高等教育费用——PSEO涵盖了所需的书籍/材料、学费和杂费
  • 灵活的日程安排-亲自或在线课程,部分或全职出勤选择
  • Complete the following types of degrees at SPC as a PSEO student and join the workforce after high school and/or continue to work towards a 4-year degree
    • 证书(5-33学分)
    • 文凭(30-72学分)
    • 助理(60学分)
  • 可转移性-学生可以将在SPC获得的学分转移到其他机构
  • One-on-one Advising – students can meet with the PSEO Coordinator for advising on what classes to take each semester and to plan for their educational goals post-PSEO
  • Take advantage of 大学 服务s to aid in your success (see 学院服务信息 in the side menu)
  • 通过我们的学生俱乐部和社团参与校园活动

有兴趣攻读pso学生的专业? 浏览我们的 学术项目


在申请pso之前, 学生应该和他们的高中辅导员谈谈, 父母, 或监护人,并确保您了解以下内容:

  • 大学学习节奏加快
    • pso学生需要在每一小时的课程中投入2-3小时的学习时间
  • pso学生有责任平衡他们的高中生活, 大学, 以及个人责任
  • 成功的pso学生在需要时寻求帮助和支持,并具有良好的时间管理技能
  • 经济责任
    • 虽然PSEO计划涵盖了所需的学费和教科书费用, 你可能需要购买其他项目不包括在PSEO资助. Non-consumable supplies (supplies that are not “used up” during the course but remains fully intact) are the responsibility of the PSEO student and may include but are not limited to equipment, 工具, 计算器, 或制服. 某些课程可能会有额外的费用或认证考试费用. These extra fees may exist beyond normal tuition and fee coverage of the PSEO program and are the responsibility of the PSEO student.
    • 请注意,虽然涵盖了教科书和一些材料, any that are not returned to the 大学 by the deadline in good condition will become the student’s responsibility and the student will be billed. This bill must be paid out of pocket; it is not covered by the PSEO program.
  • PSEO students are responsible for communicating with their high school Counselor regarding their high school related questions and SPC’s PSEO Coordinator regarding 大学 related questions
  • 交通不包括在PSEO计划之内, students should provide their own transportation to the 大学 (or participate in online classes)
    • 21路公共汽车在金沙贵宾会线路中心附近停靠.



  • 2.高中平均绩点8+
  • Verify you received a "M- Meets the Standards" or "E- Exceeds the Standards" (850 or higher) on 8th grade MCA Reading test.
    • Current 10th grade students who did not take the 8th grade MCA reading exam may substitute a 大学 level reading score from the ACCUPLACER placement test


  • 2.高中平均绩点8+
  • 通过进入大学水平阅读来证明大学准备就绪


  • 2.高中平均绩点8+
  • 通过进入大学水平阅读来证明大学准备就绪

19-21岁的高中生应该遵循12年级的标准. Work with your high school counselor to complete and send the Verification of Extended PSEO Eligibility paperwork and complete remaining admission steps.



Students are encouraged to submit their complete application materials before the class registration begins in order to have the most course options. 越接近pso申请截止日期,学生提交材料, 他们的课程选择就越少.

以PDF或Word格式提交文件至 PSEO@ginxian.com. 学生可使用microsoftofficelens (应用程序商店 or 谷歌玩)将图像/照片转换为PDF和Word文件,然后保存并附加到电子邮件中. 请不要在此期间亲自邮寄或提交申请.

Applicants will be notified of application decision via email after 5-10 业务 days once completed PSEO application is received.

  1. 申请金沙贵宾会线路中心
  2. 填写MDE pso学生注册通知书 & 图书合同表格
  3. 根据年级水平收集以下文件
    • 二年级的学生
      • 官方高中成绩单显示累计未加权GPA为2.8或更大
      • Copy of 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores showing passing Reading score (850+)
    • 初中 & 老年人
      • 官方高中成绩单显示累计未加权GPA为2.8或更大
  4. 在pso申请截止日期前,将所有所需文件发送至 PSEO@ginxian.com

19-21岁的高中生遵循12年级标准. Work with your high school counselor to complete and send the Verification of Extended PSEO Eligibility paperwork and complete remaining Admission steps.


Students will be contacted via email 5-10 业务 days after a completed PSEO application is received regarding application decision.

  • Admitted applicants will be emailed an acceptance letter with a link to register for mandatory PSEO 取向
    • Admitted students that do not attend PSEO 取向 by the deadline in their acceptance email can not participate in PSEO
  • 被拒者如仍在高中就读,可重新申请下学期
  • 被录取的学生将通过完成以下工作过渡到PSEO项目:
    • 注册课程
      • 首先和你的高中辅导员谈谈毕业要求
    • 激活金沙贵宾会线路中心邮箱(与PSEO学生的官方沟通方式)
    • 订购所需书籍/资料
    • 参加pso培训
    • 获取金沙贵宾会线路中心ID
    • 完成预防性暴力训练(透过D2L)



学业进展满意(SAP): All students must meet the following requirements each semester based on their cumulative SPC credits:

  • 2.0累积绩点
  • 成功完成66.累计尝试学分的67%,获得成绩为A, B, C, D, P或AU

如果不满足这些要求, 学生将受到学术警告或某些情况下的休学处分. 如果累积GPA或完成率低于第二学期的最低标准, 该学生可被学院停学.

学业成绩不佳者(如学业警告者), 悬架, or probation) can only enroll in traditional PSEO at the approval of Saint Paul 大学 PSEO staff.


Current PSEO students must complete the 应用程序包 each semester they want to take PSEO courses at Saint Paul 大学. 这些表格必须通过电子邮件发送到PSEO@saintpaul.并在PSEO学生可以注册下学期之前进行处理. 在学生注册之前,需要5-10个工作日来处理表格. 请检查您的金沙贵宾会线路中心的电子邮件更新.

Any current PSEO student that takes one or more semesters off will be re-evaluated for admission into the PSEO program based on current PSEO eligibility requirements. 19-21岁的高中生遵循12年级标准. Work with your high school counselor to complete and send the Verification of Extended PSEO Eligibility paperwork and complete remaining Admission steps.



通过我们的衔接协议之一完成四年制学位. The agreement between Saint Paul 大学 and a four-year 大学 or University specifies that all or some credits from a particular technical diploma or degree will be accepted towards a specified four-year degree program/major of study.



  • 访问 6pre52.ginxian.com
  • 点击“学生登录”下的“es服务s”
  • 使用Star ID和密码登录
  • 从左侧菜单中选择学业记录
  • 在学术记录下,选择非官方成绩单
  • 选择时间顺序,点击“获取学习成绩”
  • 查看并打印您的非正式成绩单


家长 & 《金沙贵宾会线路中心》的资源

家长s and guardians are welcome to join their student to learn more about the PSEO program during our PSEO 信息rmation Sessions.

一旦高中生申请了pso项目,他们就会受到大学的保护, 状态, 以及联邦数据隐私政策和法律.

The Family Educational Rights and privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 gives students the right to review records, 文件, 以及其他包含该学生信息的文件, 哪一所金沙贵宾会线路中心维持.

Students may authorize Saint Paul 大学 to release private information to individuals of their choosing or allow them to act on their behalf by completing the 发布资讯电子化表格. 学生以外的人提交的表格将不被接受.

如有任何问题,请直接向 PSEO@ginxian.com.

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